WAIRE Compliance

The only accurate way to count the required warehouse truck trips, submit your end-of year data, and avoid substantial penalities from California

Warehouse Actions and Investments to Reduce Emissions (WAIRE), is a new requirement for California warehouses. Prevent up to $10,000 of daily fees with the only app and software specifically dedicated to real-time trip capturing and automatic compliance processing. Easily submit your year-end requirements!

“WAIRE is virtually impossible without the Babaco Fulfillment App – it’s like magic!”

How Does it Work?

Truck counting and classification is virtually impossible without the Babaco Fulfillment app. We make it easy!


Simply open the app, choose INBOUND or OUTBOUND, and scan the truck’s VIN


Automatically get the all of the required data without having to type or enter anything!


We process, store, and organize your data, so you can easily submit your end-of-year report.

The Industry Standard

The Babaco Fulfillment app was developed in coordination with South Coast AQMD, California’s regulatory agency that manages the WAIRE requirements. Because we worked directly with the State of California and they have confirmed all aspects of our process, you can be assured that you are in good hands and will have all of the requirements you need when you file at the end of the year.

Advantages of Babaco Fulfillment for WAIRE


Easy-to-use mobile app that automatically obtains hard to collect required data


We help get the info you need, on-board your warehouses, and submit your report


Administrative web portal to manage your warehouse staff and data remotely


As many users as you want with no extra charge


Add and remove warehouses as the need arises

Data Storage

Fulfills long-term data access requirements

Import Previous Data

Import your previous data so you have a full annual report


Use your own secure devices and protocols with no additional hardware purchases


Use iPhone, iPad, Android phones, and any tablets

3PL Management

If you manage warehouses for other companies, you can easily silo data and reports

Data Management

Export your data by date, warehouse, customer (if 3PL), or even fuel type

WAIRE Resource Center

Requirements for California Compliance
For each of your warehouses, you are required to do the following daily tasks in order to be compliant:
  1. Class: Indicate the vehicle class 2B-7 or 8
  2. Fuel Type: Indicate the vehicle fuel type – diesel, gasoline, or one of the low or no-emission fuels
  3. ID: Include the entire 16-digit VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
  4. Time-Stamp: Mark the exact date and time of the vehicle on entrance or exit
  5. Count Trips: Inbound and outbound entrance or exit for all Class 2B-7 or Class 8 fuel types
  6. Count Visits: Inbound and outbound entrance or exit for only low or no-emission fuel types.
At the end of the year, your company must submit the collected data to California for review. See below for: Creating a WAIRE Account with South Coast AQMD.
WAIRE will be phased in over time based on size (see below). Once a phase is initiated, the rule requirements increase over a three-year period. *Warehouse Operations Notification is the only required reporting obligation for warehouse owners under Rule 2305 **Or within 14 days of operator change or 30 days after renovation that changes the square footage *** If the warehouse operator vacates the warehouse during the compliance period the AWR is due the date the operator leaves

Warehouse operators may be exempt from parts of the rule if:

  1. Size: They operate <50,000 square feet for warehousing activities.
  2. Points: If the number of points required is <10; or
  3. Circumstances: If the WAIRE menu action chosen underperforms due to circumstances beyond the operator’s control, such as a manufacturer defect.
If an operator chooses to pay a mitigation fee, the funds will be used to provide incentivizes for near-zero and zero-emission trucks and zero-emission charging and fueling infrastructure in communities near the warehouse(s) that paid the fee.
The WAIRE program is required in the Following California Counties and Areas:
  • Los Angeles County
  • Riverside County
  • Orange County
  • Salton Sea Basin
  • Mojave Desert Basin (partial)
According to California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD), the regulatory agency responsible for WAIRE, in 1977, the California Legislature created the region by “merging the air pollution control districts of Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties, and all of Orange County. Within Riverside County, the AQMD also has jurisdiction over the Salton Sea Air Basin and a portion of the Mojave Desert Air Basin. The South Coast Air Basin covers an area of 6,745 square miles with a population of 14.6 million, while the larger South Coast district boundary includes 10,743 square miles and a population of 15 million.” The maps below highlight these regions and provide more visual information.
WAIRE Program Online Portal (POP): https://xappp.aqmd.gov/isr A. NEW USERS: Click Create Account
  • Fill out the information as shown and click Sign up
  • Check inbox of email address used for account creation
  • Use link received to create a password
  • After password is created, use email address and password to log into WAIRE POP.
B. RETURNING USERS: Enter your existing email address and password Online portal for submission of all WAIRE reports and fees:
  • Annual WAIRE Report (AWR) due by January 31st following most recent compliance period
  • Any extensions will be posted to the WAIRE Program

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WAIRE Compliance

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