Logistics Security and Compliance In One Connected App

Babaco Fulfillment is a powerful and easy-to-use suite of security and government compliance software products for logistics, supply-chain, and shipping businesses. 

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How Can Babaco Fulfillment Help You?

Babaco Fulfillment’s app and customer platform is made up of three core products that add a layer of security to your operations and fulfill many compliance requirements. Each feature can be used on their own or utilized together and are all connected to the same data so you have incredible insight into all of your information in one synced account.


California Warehouse
Environmental Compliance

Reduce up to $10,000 of daily fees with the only software specifically dedicated to real-time trip capturing and automatic compliance processing – easily submit your year-end requirements for California’s WAIRE program (Warehouse Actions and Investments to Reduce Emissions).

  • Instant VIN Scanning for Accurate Collection
  • Automatic Trip Counting for Compliance
  • One-Click End-of-Year Data Processing

Digital BOLs

Digital Bills of Lading and
Seal Discrepancy Reports

Verify your assets are intact, on time, and arrived at the correct location, while digitizing the items you care about and retrieve your records for any purpose – legal, insurance, or to simply keep track of what’s happening real-time in the field.

  • Verify Secure Shipment and Delivery
  • Customize Data Input
  • Set Time-Based Alerts

Container Inspections

Standardized CTPAT 7-Pt and 17-Pt Forms for Customs and Border Protection

With Babaco Fulfillment Container Inspections specifically for CTPAT members, digitize your inspections, enhance with photos, and streamline your process, while fulfilling Customs and Border Protection requirements.

  • Create an inspection on your phone in seconds
  • Retrieve records from any timeframe or location
  • Take and add photos of container issues and use them for any purpose like insurance filing

Benefits of the Product Suite


Everything in our portal and app is intuitive.

Secured with Data

All of your data is safe and secured using the latest technologies – we are first a security company.

Use Your Own Devices/No Expensive Hardware

We keep your costs down by allowing you to use existing devices and never require you to purchase new or custom hardware from us.

Asset and Document

We store everything securely and make it easily accessible for the moment you really need it.

Integrated Cloud-Based Web-to-Mobile Platform

Our web portal and mobile app work hand in hand to provide you with up-to-date, synced data.

Flexible Pay-As-You-Go Payment Plans

We scale with you, giving you the ability to add and remove locations as you grow.

"Our aim is to simplify your security and
compliance – from shipment to warehouse."

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Industry Experience

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Trips Secured & Tracked

Your User Management

Administrator Account

If you are an administrator or back office manager, you can log in to your account on the web here. Your administrators can use Babaco Fulfillment on most modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge on Microsoft Windows, Apple OS, Linux, and other operating systems where these browsers are compatible.

Mobile Team Members

Your distribution centers, drivers, or other mobile users can get the app on Apple’s App Store or Google Play for Android, with minimum requirements:

Apple: iPhone 8 with iOS 13.o+
Android: Devices supporting Android OS 5.0+

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