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Logistics Management

BabacoFulfillment, available for iOS, Android, and all modern web browsers, is a powerful and easy-to-use enterprise shipment management platform that:

  • Digitizes bills of lading at your terminal, gatehouse, or distribution center
  • Provides real-time and historical insight into your company’s inbound and outbound process
  • Verifies that assets get to their destinations on time
  • Sends smart notifications to your administrators when there are unexpected changes or possible loss while in transit
  • Enables container inspections for CBP 7-pt and 17-pt CTPAT compliance
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Features and Benefits

Quickly digitize the delivery information you care about and retrieve your records for any purpose – legal, insurance, or to simply keep track of what’s happening real-time in the field.

With one tap, reduce the time it takes to verify your requirements: your assets are intact, on time, and arrived at the correct location.

With BabacoFulfillment Container Inspections, save vast amounts of time, reduce paperwork, and be able to pull up as many documents with any timeframe for CBP audits or even insurance filings.

Container Inspections


Admin Account

If you are an administrator or back office manager, you can log in to your account on the web here. Your administrators can use BabacoFulfillment on most modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge on Microsoft Windows, Apple OS, Linux, and other operating systems where these browsers are compatible.

Mobile Team Members

Your distribution centers, drivers, or other mobile users can get the app on Apple’s App Store or Google Play for Android, with minimum requirements:

Apple: iPhone 8 with iOS 13.o+
Android: Devices supporting Android OS 5.0+

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